Friday, November 23, 2007


I guess nobody tells me when I get published.
Fortunatly I've found my webhosting will show me who is linking to my website and how many hits I get off it. excellent

For starters, I guess Flavorpill decided to finally slip me into their Miami (?) newsletter.

I have 3 illustrations in DirtRag that I guess just came out this month. About bike riding! They are on my website already, not on theirs but you should buy it anywho.

I stumbled upon this one day. I wish they had an "about" section because it's pretty vague but I'm flattered to have my name in the mix.

AND this is the *gold.* I have NO idea what this is but I'm stoked. Oh the low res. files.

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kate said...

it sounds like you're getting famous. and you know what that means...IT'S TIME TO BREAK OUT OUR MATCHING VARSITY JACKETS!!! or was that for when we win football games? i guess just to be safe I'm going to wear it either way. good shit, mang!